Sabra S200041 (26.12.2008 )

Bill Graepel USA


Early car: expansion tank, with modification... factory or later? 
Hey cartridge-type oil filter?? Towing eyes removed.
Front suspension not adjustable

From underneath

square arches


Engine type..never put a picture on the site yet.... later cars would have 211E far as I know.

Fine solution if you're out of oil-filters

or if the Big Bulb would break

Still like that fan very much, one of these days it will be on again.

The short story is:  I had been looking for a car to fix up as a hobby. My brother told me about this car in the garage of a friend in New Jersey. He had not seen the car but this friend had owned the car for about 10 years and his wife wanted the garage cleaned out. I bought it sight unseen as I was told that it ran but was not drivable. 
I live in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The car arrived here in early November 2006 after the 1200 mile transport.  I pushed it into my garage and placed it on jack stands, started it up, tried all of the forward gears and reverse (OK), then started to dis-assemble it.
I attempted to locate the original owner through various means but was
not successful. I have applied for a TITLE of ownership and I'm still
waiting to receive it.  I' ve found a local rebuilder of British cars who
said he could assist me in finding mechanical repair parts. I'm taking a
stab at the fiberglass repairs but will probably leave the finishing
touches to a professional.
By the way,  the ID number on the left front frame horn  matches the
vehicle ID tag, #S200041.

Bill is de eerste die op een Tamworth Sabra het raamnummer vond.

raamnummer - origineel?

motornummer op de rechtse motorsteun


Hi Jef,  I found a low budget solution to replacement front shocks.  
I bought a pair of  SACHS 5334 shock  (old Jaguar rears) absorbers. 
I cut both loops (bushing mounts) off 1 of the original Girlings. [I wanted to keep 1 original intact]. 
Then I sliced the lower loop on the NEW shock and welded  the old shock loop onto it, to achieve the correct length.
The SACHS shock was 3/4" short on the lower end, but the other dimensions were very close. 
I wanted to use the original upper metal dust boot to properly align the spring but the upper spring stop diameter radius was about  3/16" too large.  
The shock would not fit in a lathe, so I trimmed a large washer and tack welded it to the underside of the stop to hold the dust boot in place. 
For the lower bushing I used a polyurethane (hourglass style) bushing from   "ENERGY SUSPENSION"  [hyperflex] part # 9.8107 with a bronze sleeve from a local hardware supply to fit the 1/2" diameter mounting bolt.  
I believe it will fit perfectly, I hope it will perform properly but will not know until the car is roadworthy.
See the attached pictures. The original is on the left side of the 1st. photo.


During the Christmas Holiday (2007) I was able to spend some quality time
re-assembling the chassis. Take a look.
sincerely,  Bill Graepel

The silencer on my Sabra is most likely original as most parts are.  It
is Made in England by BURGESS.   
It is oval 6.5 inches wide / 3.5 inches deep & 18.5 inches long. 
The inlet accepts the front pipe 1.75 inches diameter.
Does this help?

 Indeed it does:

Sabra S200041 Almost ready


Spinners I just got my repaired wheel covers back from the stainless
steel repair shop. They were in poor shape.
Now they look great!  I am installing them now;  I've attached some photos.
I modified some aftermarket spinners and they fit nicely. (Juni 2010)
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