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Q Bodywork

De strips tussen de kap en de bovenzijde van de voorruit 200667-200668.

Weet niet hoe ze origineel waren maar ze kunnen perfect vervangen worden door dezelfde strips voor een MGB.

Ikzelf heb wel aan e binnenzijde van de onderste aluminium-strip enkele gaatjes moeten zagen om de strip netjes te kunnen buigen in de vorm voorzien voor de Sabra.  Toch amper een lekje.

Q Bodywork  restauratie

Hello Jacques
The original chassis were not very well protected in the factory. I think they were thinly painted withouy any special rust protection. This goes for all Sabres and Scimitars. Even so they last 30 years or so. My logic was that with modern rust protecting paint and internal Waxoil treatment (and always housed in a grage) they should last another 30 plus years.Galvanising is relatively expensive and there is danger of distorting the chassis with the heat based process. If you choose to galvanise be careful to insert bolts into all threaded holes, otherwise you will have to re-tap them all after galvanising. At the end of the day it is down to personal choice.
I attach an extract from Bondaglass-Voss catalogue giving details of "Bondprimer". I have specified this at work for many years for rust protecting pipework in buildings. I used Chassis Black top coat from Frosts - details on  www.frost.co.uk. You are obviously familar with Waxoil. I thing the preparation I have applied together with good maintenance and garaging will ensure that our grandchildren enjoy the car in their old age!!
The water based paint stripper was very successful in my opinion and this is how I would strip paint if I ever do it again (unlikely I hope). However it is a long and messy process. The stripper is mild so that it does not attack the resin but it only removes one coat at a time. The great benefits are that, being water based, you just wash and hose the car at the end of each session and it leaves a perfect, undamaged gelcoat finish once the last coat of paint had gone. Chemical stripper is good at removing paint in awkward corners. I stripped and resprayed our Coupe nearly two years ago and the finish is still good (except where Damon crashed it!!). A friend of mine stripped his paint using a hot air paint stripper. This was a disaster because it caused much damage to the gelcoat. I think sanding would be very tedious, likely to damage the gelcoat and also very dusty. I attach a photo of the Coupe fully stripped.
I have one original Sabre seat. They were made by a company caller Restall specially for the Sabra/Sabre. Restall still exists (see www.restall.co.uk) but no longer make car seats. My plan is to use our Coupe seats which are a very similar shape (the Coupe now has racing seats). An alternative would be to buy new seats from someone like Holden (www.holden.co.uk).
My Sabre was originally maroon and this is our current favourite choice for its respray colour.
Re the first meeting: Jaki always wished the event to be low key just a chance for everyone, not just the owners of cars but the partners as well to get together and chat and ENJOY the weekend together. We are both glad that you chose to join us on that first meeting we still remember it well and hope that all future meetings are as successful.
Porto for the Sabra/Sabre meeting in 2004 sound tempting. Us Brits can catch a ferry to Bilbao or Santander. Bilbao to Porto is about 460 miles. This would have to be a 1 to 2 week holiday but Jaki already has it in her diary.
We have heard from John Leslie, who races a Sabre, that he hopes to join us for all or part of the weekend in September. His Sabre is a very well kept and shining red example of the mark.
Best regards.
Tony & Jaki

Hello, I'm having my seats refurbished at the moment (dec 2008). 

 For your info the man I went did a lot of searching to find fabrics that could be used together with red leather cloth or red leather. 

Have a look at the website of West trading : there you search MG , then go to MG-11518 ( black and red) That is the one finally chosen. 
Other choices were : Ford ( various) 11518 Twill: a black and red 
Toyota Yaris 15118 Hill: more red than the two others. 
These are the best possible matches in a whole variety. 
Hope it can help you if you want your seats be done. They will cost me about 400 /450 € ; only the old frame is used everything else is new

Cloth for seatsCloth for seatsCloth for seats

MG11518                                                                                        Ford11518                                                    Toyota 15118

Thanks Jacques Vandevelde

No Repair, but a picture of the inside of the door locks 200734/5: Thanks Jacques; the arrow points at the only screw to loosenl.

Rotary doorlockRotary Doorlock

Q #200592 Door check link assembly - arrets de porte

De Jean Pigeon pas mal qu'il soit documenté (et ne pas oublié). Mr Pigeon has built in Renault 21 front door door checks in his car!
We're not sure that they could be used to replace the original 200952 in a MKI Sabra as he built them in in a MKII which has rather poor door stops (in the hinges).

Je me permets de vous rappeler l'intéret que vous trouveriez à installer des arrets de portes pour remplacer les pièces d'origine souvent défaillantes <; A trouver en démolission : 2 arrets de portes avant de Renault 21 ; je vous assure qu'il sont appropriés et ont la course exacte que demande la Sabra ; de plus , ils sont très faciles à monter, à fortiori lorsque les portières ne sont pas encore regarnies.

Merci Msieur Pigeon.


Mail of bel mij als je tips, hints of kennis op dit gebied hebt... 03/236.00.84

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