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Hebt een Sabra of Sabre -ding nodig?
Stuur een foto, contactgegevens en gedetailleerde gegevens van wat U nodig hebt.

You are in desperate need of a Sabre or Sabra - thing?
Send a picture, contact-data and detailed data about your needs.

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Recently got quite some questions for Sabra parts. Until now I relied on my memory. And though documenting these questions on the site is consuming extra time (more than simply replying) I decided to put them on the site.

The new (to come I hope) Sabra site could (should?) have blog and/or forum facilities.
By kind of manually adding those blog/forum alike things I could get an idea of how to arrange for them if I ever get the new site working.
This could also be a spot where I could put messages: "I want a Sabra, red". If I would decide to publish these questions.

I have a kind-of Email-address of the people asking these questions. So if you have information, or parts for them let me know.
Can't put Email addresses on the site: it would be an invitation for Spam or attacks.


Christophe Jarry, Sabra GT 4855 (not on the site yet), in France, asks for a new oil pump, and (undetailed - or misunderstood) engine valves.


Replied, no idea where to find an oil pump. Guess someone common with Ford engines could provide details.

If I get details about the valve problems I'll document them here.

John Robertson, no further details details about him, or his car, or his whereabouts (presumably in US) , asks for an Alexander intake manifold for the Sabra.


Not impossible I've found one for him, but if you have one you can part from.


Roei558, no further details about him, or his car, or his whereabouts (presumably in IL), asks for Sabra wheels.


Sent a reply, don't know if it was of any use as I don't know what car it was for.










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