C_Reparaties - C_Repairs (24.05.2008 )

Probleem: C Gearbox

As you know Chris Lloyd fitted a Ford Sierra 2.0S 5 speed box to my sabre its also known as a type 9. A Toyota 5 speed will also go. But both will need some bell housing modifications. I am about to have one fitted to my Sabre Six. (Geoff Cooper)

Probleem: C Gearbox

Learned this from André: he had bought a Ford Consul to replace the engine in his Sabra.  After putting the engine in the Sabra the gears all made a rattling noise.  So André became specialist in removing and replacing the gearbox.
After a while he noticed that the in-going axle of the Consul-gearbox was thicker than the in-going axle of the Sabra's ZF.  And the front tip of that axle is supported in the crown-wheel by a bronze bush - bearing.  And the bush that sat there (for the Consul-gearbox) had to be removed and replaced by one with smaller inner diameter.(André Delouvroy)

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