Sabre SS300007 (23/12/08 Back 

Tony Heath

700 RUR

This is a special one: I saw it the first time on the 2003-meeting in Elham; those days Tony Seddon was the owner.

It's one of the two convertible Sabre 6-es and it has the Sabra-flailing-arms-front-suspension!

        You notice (enlarged) that the front side of the doors is like the MK I Sabra's

So we conclude Tamworth didn't change the doors nor the door-trim, allthough they changed to the GT-back-side.

6-cylinders fed by one small Zenith   The Sabra-flailing-arms                      Not what you think, it was towed only
to bring it back home; a six cannot transport driver and wife and baby.

So Tony Seddon sold to Tony Heath... good decision.

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