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Alfred Baumann

BE - 246 151

These pictures were provided by Georg Sommer who's well acqainted with Alfred Baumann.
The car was first used 28/03/1963: probably Ha´fa couldn't produce no GT's yet so this one was imported from Tamworth.  We should have a chat with Afred Baumann or his son to know the circumstances of the buying of the car: not so many Sabra's stayed for fourthy years with the same owner.  't Would be nice to have a picture of the VIN-plate: I bed it's like all the others.

I wouldn't be surprised if - with cars like this - Ha´fa would have contacted Tamworth stating: "We have a GT to deliver in Switserland but we cannot cope with it yet.  Could you prepare one for ASAP delivery, we'll send you a VIN-plate, we'll split the profits...OK??"


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