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17-18 september 2005

We had been expecting a fantastic weekend.  André had kept us informed while he and Carine were making the preparations.  We had tasted a fine Moriaanshoofd -dinner and had done parts of the tour (Black(-haired)'s jetty?).

Lucky decision to get there on Friday, Saturday morning was to be an early start so by arriving on Friday we could play "host" for our English friends who also arrived on Friday and we had the time for a chat. 

We must remember for the next years that it's best to push the "rallyers" towards one or two menu's.  As for the Sabra- Sabre- meetings we tend to stick to smaller hotels, these smaller hotels -restaurants have trouble serving over twenty meals "à la carte".  The group is getting too big! And the hotel should have a terrace with view on the car-park and rooms on the ground floor (Like this meeting and the previous meetings.).

Saturday morning, early rise and shine, breakfast and on the way to the car-museum Mahy (You should visit the site) in Leuze.  Mahy was a Belgian "idiot" who bought scrapped cars that nobody was interested in. Evidently we didn't follow the shorter main-road but we followed André on exquisite Sabra-Sabre-roads, hoods open of course. 

While we were getting into the cars after the visit we got a call from "De Goede Geburen" (Good Neighbours) that someone out of Aarschot with a Honda had beeen waiting for us and took the road to meet us.  (Gerard de Craecker??)  Because we took narrow roads he must have missed us... pity. Still we met fans: Marleen van Ooteghem & Robert Leber were waiting for us at De Goede Geburen, so they could have a chat with Luc & Monique, buyers of their Sabra.

Since March we never had the hood on, wonderfull weather we have in Belgium - pity.  Malcolm & Val did not put the hood on.. is it stubbornness or just that they are used to English weather?

After the spare-ribs: up to the Liefmans-brewery.  Nice visit, has been on my "to-do-list" for years.  The Liefmans Kriek is one of the most "special" Belgian Beers.It could best be the only dark beer made by as well spontaneous as yeast-based fermentation that afterwards takes cherry-taste. And I learned it is a blend (almost necessary for spontaneous fermentation). Drank a "Glühbeer" tasted fine, thanks André & Carine for taking us here.
The evening in the "Moriaanshoofd" served a conoisseur's-feast, nicely announced by the owner and evenly presented by the "Chef". Must remember this spot.  Pity it's too close to Antwerp for a visit after a long trip and too far for having a dinner and driving back home. We enjoyed the company and the food.
As Sunday morning we were to get up early again the drinks were limited but not the chats.

After breakfast on the way to Oudenaarde.

Parked the cars in a nice row close to the town square (thanks jacky-Slice).  Nice visit to the Town Hall, Oudenaarde was reknown for it's tapestry. Afterwards found a  terrace where we could watch the Brabander-horseshow and talk about mechanic horsepower.

At last on to d'Eenaemsche Vierschaere (Court of Ename) where we took the goodbye-lunch.  On the way we encountered the first (and last) road-error: David Womack's GTC couldn't follow the "fast" acceleration of my Sabra and I couldn't wait long enough (because of the traffic) at the crossing.  Lucky that Michel and Vera stayed at the tail of the convoy to guide everyone.   When I stepped out to take a nicotine-shot I encountered Filip Van Humbeeck, Sabra-owner who was looking for us. As he empathysed the last hour of the meeting, perhaps the Sabra-fire is lighted for the future.

The afternoon, back to the Moriaanshoofd (means also something like:"Niggershead"), the official part of the meeting was done. Some people left because Monday is a working day. The hangovers (is that correct???) had a walk to the little village of Mullem (home on the sand).  Suddenly I noticed that in De Kroon (the Crown), they served Antwerp-beer.  Had to taste if it hadn't changed of taste by the transport.  It tasted allright, (though in Antwerp it tastes better), Jacky learned me that I'd rather not shout "Bollekes" in a pub in  UK.

Enjoyable, we must replicate that next year. I mean adding some days before or after the meeting to discover some plaisant things. Perhaps we'll even discover an English beer that tastes different from the others ;-).

Thanks to all contributors and contendors, whether we met or not we thank you for your interest and your company. Thanks André & Carine. According to the RSSOC-Sabra_meetings-standards:  this can't be matched. cars, history, beer, visits,  landscapes, roads, food and company (last meeting was always the best).  Next meetings should be planned the same date: gives free champagne!

To explain the last two pictures: on Monday we went to the (very close to the D'Eenaemsche Vierschaere) ancient Roman Abbeye  Pity is was closed, it was announced on several popular-scientific publications.  So it stays on my to-do-list, probably with a visit to the Moriaanshoofd (should watch my weight though).

Jef Neefs

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