Sabra S200105 (23.12.2008 )

David Harrison


David kocht de auto als een restauratieproject maar veranderde van mening en stelt de auto terug te koop.

Ebay:Item number: 270228490783

Ge´nteresseerd: mail me en ik laat David contact opnemen

Vehicle Description 

1962 Sabra Sports. Ultra-rare, only Israeli sports car made. Only a few exported to US in 1961 and 1962. Chassis 200105, engine S235167. Sabra enthusiast support via the Sabra register in Belgium which shows many restored cars. Some of these cars with Ford Zephyr engines were raced. This is a project requiring substantial restoration due to missing engine and transmission (originally Ford Cortina, Ford Escort can be substituted) and interior. Ladder frame will require replacement of two straight chassis rails. Good instrument panel, Odometer shows 26310. Original owner per Sabra register was Justin Tingley of Virginia. Israel car badge on bonnet.Last registered in Md in 1978. 

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