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Nils FlatebÝ


Nils vertelt ons dat zijn Sabra 1963 heeft als bouwjaar, de softtop op de foto is erg gelijkend op die van Howard Singer (rechthoekige achterruit).  Toch ook weer een aanduiding dat de 47xx-Sabra's rechthoekige achterwielkasten hebben.  Deze ook met stalen wielen.  Blijkbaar hebben er wel wat extra koplampen op gestaan.  De auto is in goede staat en wordt in de zomer regelmatig gebruikt.  Noorwegen is niet de plaats waar je 's winters veel cabriolets zal zien.
De sluiting van de motorkap is centraal met een kabelsysteem.

We laten hem aan het woord:
I have owned the car for 31 years now and I am the eighth owner. It is the only one in Norway and I am told that it was given to a Norwegian shipping company as a gift from an Israeli company in connection with some business transaction.
I used it as my only car from 1972 to 1975. When I moved abroad for eighth years, the car was stored in a barn. It stayed there until 1993 when it past 30 years of age. This is the official age limit in Norway for registration as a vintage car, with some leaner requirements to technical standards.
The only thing I had to do to get it running and approved by the road-authorities was to completely overhaul the brakes, change the king pins and get rid off some other slack in the steering mechanism. I have not had the time to do a complete overhaul to get it up to show standards and I am not sure I ever will. 
Another thing that holds me back is the known fact that some spare parts are unavailable, like the gear box and the rear axle as an example.
I still enjoy driving it on nice summer-days and intend to keep it running as long as I can.

Nils stuurde ons een foto van het raamnummer-plaatje... geen ST of HT ingeslagen?

Vierkante wielkasten, rechthoekige achterruit, geperste stalen wielen, Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint lights, afzonderlijke reflectoren, smallere plaats voor de nummerplaat... dus een MKI... achteruitrijlichten???

14/06/2008 an English Sabre-6 and a Belgian Sabra came to visit their Norwegian brother - relative.

Shiny that grid, perhaps I should do the effort to remove the black paint of mine.

No rims round the wheel arches.

Nice look-alike-wire-wheels, never seen those, nice.

Square rear wheel arches.

Big "hole" round the filling spot.

Strange steering wheel - obviously the original wasn't that good.

Alexander kit.

With ("newer"??) K&N filters, should be better than original.

Little different: later modification.

Jacques is investigating the fittings to the fuel lines; so this filter could perhaps get functional again.

(Not very common I learn.)

First picture I ever took of the central (un-)locking system of the hood. It should be seen upside-down I guess.

Wonder what the blue lights are for?

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