Sabre S200163 (23.12.2008) Back)

Geoff Cooper

DKL 779C

Everyone knows Geoff, so no need for an internet page.

In evidence my original policy was NOT to include Sabres as they're all safe in UK and I didn't want to interfere with the well working RSSOC. But for every rule there's exceptions, and Geoff is one; in fact he also owns a Sabra, but this one(200163) is really special, better gears, better rear axle, more power for the engine.

Pic taken in 1990 in the Dolomites. Citius Altius


Car & driver on the 2005 meeting in Oudenaarde Belgium
September 2007 after the Zeddam-meeting (see left) we drove back home again.

We gave our cars all the rest they needed. (see right), but twice on that trip, Geoff's car made a terrible rattling noise... nothing obvious.

But when he got home he sent me the following pictures:



This is not how a piston should look.

Something's wrong

Pitson Ring

Pistonring 2


Car is running fine again.


When I see the car again I'll take some pictures of the spaghetti exhaust.

The soft top also has a nice modification to provide for the roll-bar.

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