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Malcolm & Val Marchbank


Pic taken at the RSSOC-meeting in Dinant 2003.

I'll always remember that day in September 2002 when we were "complete": everyone expected had arrived, we were enjoying our meal, when suddenly a red Sabre was visible on the street.  We saw the impossible: six Sabra's-Sabres were gathered and an unexpected seventh suddenly showed up.

<<<         2002 Luxemburg

Since then Malcolm and Val visited every Sabra-Sabre
 meeting arranged                                 2003 Elham >>>>

Topless  be it good, or bad weather
<<<<<       2004 Wrexham Sabre-Sabra - meeting

2005 Troyes RSSOC-meeting   >>>>>

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<<<   2005 Oudenaarde RSSOC Sabra-Sabre

2006 Goodwood RSSOC Sabra - Sabre  >>>

2007 Welcome

Wonder if we ever gonna see them on a Schaffen - Fly-Inn

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