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André & Carine Delouvroy

OAH - 033

André drove a Sabra years ago (when he was younger than today)
He's now finished restauring a Sabra.

He provided us with the workshop manual on the site, thanks again.

June 2001 the Sabra passed the M.O.T.: the photographers' Sabra was the last to be photographed. 

 Framenumber says "ST" so this is a Softtop modified to HT:

Behind the doors you see the hole drilled to take the HT .




André left the downdraughtcarburettor on the engine he bought, the double SU's are waiting.

June 2002 André invited us for a sight-seeing Sabra-tour that ended the Belgian way:

From left to right: Jacques Vandevelde, Jozef Neefs, André Delouvroy, Michel - André's brother

Though we have no Belgian club, we do have a club-photographer.  
André enjoyed this picture so much (as did the bride and groom) that he sent me this one for the site.
Imagine if you could have such wedding-pictures. 

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