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Filip Van Humbeek


Wonderfully restored car, red is the favorite color - we payed a visit to Filip on August, 10, 2005

Head-light-lenses are there, nice chromium, nice wirewheels, both badges still look nice.
The bonnet of Filips' Sabra is - just like mine - covered on the inside with kind of an aluminum-foile.  Should pay attention if I see one without it, whether they also (like Filip's and mine) have a earthed bonnet.

The VIN-plate is a must (for Yohay)

We see here the original fixing-thing for the cooling tube going to the radiator.

Filip still has the original TRICO -valve?? to operate the windscreen-washer.  Would like to have one just to find out if I would be able to get it working.

At last we see a mirror that looks like mine... would this be the original one?

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