Sabra ST4856 (23.12.2008 )

Claude Monnom

GRU - 580

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We recently visited Mr Monnom.  he has a nice car that has been in several aspects, very well conserved.

He did a nice job painting the car: evidently he chose Ferrari-red. He misses the vertical stripes in the radiator but as we can see on pictures sent to us by Emile Robyns (one of the former owners) they were missing those days already.  The outside mirror (must have been a rage those days) is probably quite useless, mine is placed still farther ahead and is totally useless.  The antenna on the right rear wing (and some condensators under the hood) show that someone tried (in vain) to build in a radio: AM radio's in a Sabra were tecnically impossible I presume.

The air-inlet tube is complete!

Second time I see a (presumed) original cooling fan.

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