Sabra ST4842 (26.12.2008 )



ST 4842 is somewhere in Florida

Sabra ST4842

This onewas originally shipped to Belgium, then travelled to The Netherlands and is told to be in Florida somewhere, current owner is unknown.

In fact I'm not certain about the framenumber, the car has disappeared for years and when it came back I never got the confirmation that this car was the ST4842.

Sabra ST4842 dashboard

Sabra ST4842 Rollbar

Nice seats, rollbar.

Sporty pedals and feet rest.

Sabra ST4842 engine

Sabra ST4842 Tonneau Cover

Here we suspect quite some extra HP, we hope the rear axle is arranged to cope with them.

Geoff showed us it's possible to have a real hood closing over the rollbar.

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