Sabra ST4802 (23.12.2008 )

Miguel Fleta



The above picture we got years ago, provided by former owner Albert Bofarull.

New pictures, provided by the new owner show us that we're dealing with a "special" Sabra (are there other Sabra's than "Special").  This one should be originally exported from IL to Belgium.


Square rear-wheel arches and a great gap for the fuel-tube, Alfa Romeo rear lights!

Les Leston steering wheel, without "thumb-rests!

This is a MK I but with wire-wheels: probably also the "Alexander-kit"???

Always nice such a picture!.

Clearly a MK I-door and -dashboard but the "Sabra" on the dashboard is certainly "made in IL".

Very weird: a  48xx- frame-number makes us think about a MK II but this car is completely like a MK I

Miguel looks for a rear-light (right), a decoke-set, the door pull handle and some other stuff. Let's try to help him.
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