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We believe the car is now with Michael Deser in US.


Attention: the above is not a common-known U-Tube link it's just a normal link to a page of the San Diego Automuseum,
where you'll find a nice Sabra - movie.

I purchased the above vehicle in June 2002.  I don't believe it has ever been part of any Sabra Registry.  The serial number is:

Manufactured in Haifa, Israel.
California license plates (registration):  SABRA
My Sabra Sports convertible has only 039,250 actual miles on the odometer and is in excellent condition

Weard... the ST stands after the numbers:

Also never seen... the Sabra-emblem is replaced by one of Alexanders:

The first Sabra's didn't have as it seems the alu rim round the radiator-grill, neither the two vertical strips.

The car is like the Tamworth (English)-ones, with square wheel arches, but doesn't have the 200-serial number.

Mr Singer is looking for wheels, tires, the latch to wich the trunk-hood closes, has problems with his (mechanical) RPM-gauge (speedo-tacho??), with the locking-system of the motorhood.  

Looking at this picture I wonder why that many convertibles were made in England.  Must have been wishfull thinking... the climate in California is much more appropriate.




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