Sabra S210010(23.12.2008 )Back)

Ronen Adler

710 - 477

Though in poor condition: no rear axle, no doors, no boot cover this is a special one.

It means our first picture of a 210010-Sabra.

Still should examine the  pictures closer.

We think the 210xxx-Sabra's were shipped from Tamworth to Haifa as kits, and were assembled in Haifa.  (Don Pithers speaks about kits shipped to Israel.)  This one anyway already has the trimmable front suspension that's not yet present in most US-cars, wonder from what time on this trim was used. The body is certainly of the MKI-form (no flares).

Ronen's car was first used 20/08/1962, so could well have been on the road before the 4701.

Succes ! quite a job to do!

Amusing: Ronen has a Saab Sonnett.  (Wonder where Saab's designers got their inspiration?)  Ronen learned about the Sabra because so many people asked him "Now is this a Sabra"?

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