Sabra S200192 (23.12.2008 Back 

B. Bradley


For sale: asked for pictures and extra details, might be a good project or a donor... wish it was over here in Belgium.

Thank you for your reply.  I am located in the USA, State of Kentucky.  We border the state of Illinois, so it is not so very far away.
The Sabra is a 1964 Sport.  Maroon in color.  VIN#200192, 4 cyl.
Odometer reading 34,185 mi. 
Please be advised that my husband purchased this vehicle apx. 1997 with the intentions of restoring it, which was his hobby.  However,  he pased away in 1998 without having done anything at all to it.  And so it remains today in the same condition as purchased from a Mr. Ruel K. Branham, also in Kentucky, who acquired this vehicle in 1991..

The vehicle is not in a good condition, in fact it is in parts.  The actual body of the car looks to me to be in fair condition, and my husbands' notes reflect the only parts needed to restore it are door handles and medallions.  So, the options are to restore the vehicle or sell it for parts.

Also, the engine and transmission are not the original, it is an Alph-O-Romeo. 

I do have a Bill-of-Sale for the vehicle, which is all that is needed to legally sell in the USA.
I have no pictures, but ofcourse could take some.  Although I am not equipped to send from my computer, if you are still interested I could have someone do it for me.

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