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Lieven De Vuyst


So a Sabra assembled by Reliant that got to Belgium? LHD anyway. The first GT on the site!

Wonderfull, if you mirror the image it's back in England.

the front

01/08/2005 Finally payed a visit to Lieven. His car is immobile for some time, something wring with the cludge.

But we had a very interesting visit: learned a lot:

Have the American buyers been cheated?   When you see this plate you think it's an Israel car but this one is integrally made in Tamworth.  Doesn't make no difference for us, but for the buyers 40 years ago (Lieven's car is first use 1963)??

What a silhouette, already there's the rims.

We had never seen this: a smooth dashboard without cushion and a rather wide and flat "Sabra"-emblem like the "Sabre"-emblem (we saw that first).  It means they re-designed the emblem in Israel (question - with the 47xx-series or with the 48xx-series ???), and the dashboard!

Stear and gauges less original, notice the (red) widening of the door: this car is English!

Indeed the English "lining??" up to the window, the door broadening on the front side, dashboard narrower with fixing-two bolts

Taunus engine, why not fit the SU's?: they weren't on i.e. so this downdraught wouldn't have made much difference.

Non-lockable fuel lid, probably original, wonder when the locable showed up: 48xx and 360xxx had lockable (far as I know).

Ready for the road, Lieven, this car, older than you, deserves to be taken on a ride every now and then.
It needs practice to keep in shape!

This is how it looked when André Delouvroy was the proud owner. Some thirty years ago?

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