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Jos Van Hemel


This car is sold; thanks Jos for the care you took for this car and for the fact that you sold to someone who can really appreciate it.

Fine car, dark green, first run in 1965, nowadays runs once a month to keep it going.

The first HT we've run into.

Mr Van Hemel mounted a short nose to make the car a little shorter, the difference is only six inches

In order to display the right colour lots of tampering was needed (poor evening-light).

In order to mount a stronger engine lots of modifications have been applied.  

If this doesn't look like a Sabra, it's because it's a better Sabra.


Mr Van Hemel discovered that a Lada-bumper fits the "wings" of the Sabra-bumper.  

There's some curves and roundings lost but the car looks more recent.

.When possible some new pictures should be taken... by better light.... or by a better photographer.

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