Sabra (ST)4746 (23.12.2008 Back 

Nils FlatebÝ


Nils tels us that his Sabra was built in 1963, that it runs regularly in summer (Norway).  The (original)  HT was a mistake, now corrected to ST . I.e. we see a soft-top alike to Howard Singers'.  The rounded rectangular rear-window could be typical for 47xx cars.  We also see the squared rear-wheel-arches, probably also typical for the "first??? Tamworth-IsraŽl-kits?? This one also has got pressed steel wheels.  Evidently there have been some extra head-beams.  Nils tells us his car is in good state, it looks very nice indeed.  The locking of the motorhood is like Howard Singers' central - one lever.  He says:

I have owned the car for 31 years now and I am the eighth owner. It is the only one in Norway and I am told that it was given to a Norwegian shipping company as a gift from an Israeli company in connection with some business transaction.
I used it as my only car from 1972 to 1975. When I moved abroad for eighth years, the car was stored in a barn. It stayed there until 1993 when it past 30 years of age. This is the official age limit in Norway for registration as a vintage car, with some leaner requirements to technical standards.
The only thing I had to do to get it running and approved by the road-authorities was to completely overhaul the brakes, change the king pins and get rid off some other slack in the steering mechanism. I have not had the time to do a complete overhaul to get it up to show standards and I am not sure I ever will.
Another thing that holds me back is the known fact that some spare parts are unavailable, like the gear box and the rear axle as an example.
I still enjoy driving it on nice summer-days and intend to keep it running as long as I can.

Nils sent us a picture of his VIN which shows NO LETTERS???

Lots of MKI details here: narrower spot for the numberplate, separate reflectors, alfa romeo-rear-light-lenses, bigger "hole" for the fuel-filler, pressed steel wheels, squared rear wheel arches, rear wings bending deep down, rectangular rear-window, could there be a retro-light? 

14/06/2008 an English Sabre-6 and a Belgian Sabra came to visit their Norwegian brother - relative.

Shiny that grid, perhaps I should do the effort to remove the black paint of mine.

No rims round the wheel arches.

Nice look-alike-wire-wheels, never seen those, nice.

Square rear wheel arches.

Big "hole" round the filling spot.

Strange steering wheel - obviously the original wasn't that good.

Alexander kit.

With ("newer"??) K&N filters, should be better than original.

Little different: later modification.

Jacques is investigating the fittings to the fuel lines; so this filter could perhaps get functional again.

(Not very common I learn.)

First picture I ever took of the central (un-)locking system of the hood. It should be seen upside-down I guess.

Wonder what the blue lights are for?

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