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Jan & Leona Mertens - Hofmans


Jan bought this Sabra in 1981.

He resprayed. This might well be the most original Belgian Sabra. Lots of parts that I know should be there (but aren't on most cars) are stil present. The chromium isn't on the car but it's not missing. Since the eighties the car has only run on special numberplates. Lately the engine is cranked up every third month.

With lens caps, where do we find them nowadays?

The fog light wouldn't be my choice, but if the minister of traffic speaks we have do march.

First use: 30/11/1967.

Quarter to twelve

Door locks nicely

Perhaps something special about the engine?

Howmany years since someone read these numbers?

Nice to see that mine is identical to this one.


Jan & Leona

Thanks Jacques

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