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Erik V.

Sabra Belgium

Never seen: these chromium rims tokeep the lenscaps where they are.  Very expensive option by Garage Majestic?  We should ask the mecanic.  Certainly looks nice.  We should test if the "new" lenscaps would fit in these.

Left: OK for me: stronger and will never rust.

Right: If an other engine must be placed in a Sabra then let's take this one.  It's quite similar to the original and probably stronger - better.  Wish I knew what car it came from.
Suspension, radiator, fan, looks nice and original.

Alternator: better. Double Weber, yes, with this engine it's easy to make a spaghetti exhaust (probably genuine to the engine: Ford has learned through the years. Electrical fuel pump.

Some original floormats at the passenger's footrest.  They made a new gearbox-cover... nice work. But why did they leave that tube sticking out? Fog light switch is UGLY: but Belgian law enforced that kind of switch, and if you want to pass MOT you have no alternative.

Rear bumpers are being chromed, nicer when they're on the car indeed.

For the record: checked with the real frame number... fits.

Some days of work and this can drive, probably fast.
Paint looks good.

Suspension and steering look OK, checking the brakes isn't that big a job. Eventually some work on the interior.

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