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Steve Wolf



This car was originally exported to Belgium (perhaps we'll learn more about that). Presumably in the early 1990's it showed up in UK where John & Geoff took the picture below. For forgotten the Dutch owner did quite a job to make the car look nicer.

James & Alex bought the car in 2009?? Now it seems to be getting in showroom-state.

Finally Steve Wolf bought the car and has paid most of his attention to make the car really roadworthy again.

The cars' home is the US but currently it's in Israel (for a rally) so it's sensing it's roots again.


This was early ninethees, in UK


Early 2000 the car was in the Netherlands.

Eventually the car went to the US, James and Ales Goren (then, owners of 200100) wanted to have a GT and started a thorough restauration.

Far as I know Alex & James moved out of US, and - instead of storing their cars in a barn - decided to sell them; so the cars could be driven.

Presume they sold to Michael Deser, who - in the end - sold to Steve Wolf.


Right now it kind of looks like this, and is preparing (transported to Israel) to attend to a rally in the Holy Land.

Hope all goes well, but as we know:

Sabras are though!

Perhaps we'll get some pictures of the meeting?




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