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First time seen14/10/2009 – left the plant on March 1964.

Pirelli Cinturatos.

Steering wheel and dashboard: neat, original furbish of the tunnel.

Original seats, even the cloth, but shows some wear.

The windscreen washers seems to have the original TRICO-system, really shoud try to make this work on my car, just by curiosity.

M.o. the carburettors aren’t original, though early Sabras had these. Perhaps it originally had a downdraught carburettor and one of the owners replaced it by an Alexander kit? Or did they find a lost Alexander kit in the factory?

I rather expected the standard Su’s, like on the other MK II cars.

The light caps are there, as are the points – inner and outer parts, the fuel filler cap is also the original type.

The otter switch is removed and as they didn’t find immediately a replacement …– or they had already installed the manual override switch, like every Sabra owner.

The pipe to get fresh air in the compartment prooves to be poor quality .. the one from the Mini is better.

Nice original.

An “honest” car, most important would be that it got a layer of paint, putting it on the road like that would give the glassfiber the chance to soak inn water, which would be a pity as it presumably is quite dry now.

A quite complete GT, long time that I saw one as complete as this one, with original clothing on seats and tunnel, it gives a good impression of the care by the former owners. But this also means that seat clothing is 45years old.

Perhaps the car doesn’t need a full body off restoration but the body really needs some paint before getting it out.

With the light caps on, and the horns – bumpers (they don’t seem to like them in Switserland) quite complete.

Perhaps it’s possible to renew only the cloth of the seats? The rims still look nice. Pity I have no idea about the mecanics but the cars looks to have been well taken care for.