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Bernard Debourge left us in 2017, sad news.


Early 2011 I got an email over my sites contact-"facilities" ..."I have a car like that, bought it years ago, left it some years ago in France in a barn. Think I could get it back on the road???"

Off course I gave a positive reply, twenty years is nothing for a Sabra.

June 2012: mailtje: "I intend to keep my Sabra, got a trailer that can take a car of less than 1460 mm width on the wheels, would this be wide enough to get the Sabra on?"

Drove my Sabra out and measured ... 1450 would have been too small but 1460 should do.

Bernard asked me if I had a system to find the former owner... a medicin in a nearby village. On my suggestion (I have no such system) Bernard drove upto the village, parked his car on the market place and had a wine on a terrace ... within the hour he had located the widow of the doctor.... try that with a Mercedes or with an E-type!

This could well be the first Israeli GT.
Spoiler original or later modification .???
No rim on the wheel arches, front nor rear.

Older type of door.

With inner mudguards, one-reservoir hydraulics, fuel pomp with lever, one-lever opening of the motorhood

In Wales 2013.


Widow of former owner.

Alexander-kit, but different.

Tachometer is not original and because this has no warning lights, the lights were added to the left of the dashboard - with the mandatory warning light for the cooling fan. Question... was the tachometer mechanical or electronic? the dynamo doesn't have the gear on the rear, but who did never replace a dynamo?


En route... Wonderfull isn't it!

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