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(30-31) - 1 - 2 - (3-4) september


Sabra/Sabres in Wales September 2012 in a Castle complete with ghosts.

Great thanks to the organisers en to everyone that showed up.

Some pictures:


at Geoff's

Peter came from quite a distance but we also had some hours of driving to do. To keep the trips shorter we planned a stop in Leatherhead. The cars passed the night on Geoff's lawn, drivers and passengers were brought to a nearby hotel.

Because we were really close, and because we had to have lunch we stopped in Castle Combe in Wiltshire. The prettiest village of England. On the picture: the market place.
Castle Combe
Castle Combe
And then there were six.

Officiële start

And than we were complete.

The Big Pit

Saturday morning

The Big Pit, national coal museum: Blaenafon, Torfaen NP4 9XP

Nice... good guide!


De groep

Pity for the light.

Afternoon: up to the Brecon Mountain Railway Co Ltd, Merthyr Tydfil



Brecon Mountain

Stemming opperbestBewijs

What the sun can do with people.

car park

On Sunday we had a foot-rally in ST. Fagans National Gistory Museum:


laatste oordeel
The last Judgement.
In Dutch this is called a "comme": a big trunc where important documents were kept.

Eerste prijs

Indeed we all filled in some wrong answers on the form so Tony would win the first price!

André Delouvroi
Parking (Picture André Delouvroy)


We missed Tintern Abbey by a jam on the bridge over the Severn, but that was compensated by a visit to Abergavenny.(A place better known in Belgium than in England)


thanks Malcolm & Val

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