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(2) - 3 - 4 - (5) September

Luc en Monique are busy preparing the meeting, they chose Hostellerie Soete-Wey as basis.

As every year the meeting runs from Saturdaymorning till Sundaynoon. The (2) is just added to allow people coming from far away to arrive earlier so the can start the Saturday without having to hurry. Same goes for the (5) which was added to allow the same people to pack their luggage before driving home on a quiet time of day. Last years ever more people "added" Friday and Monday because it's cosy, or to have an extra look around (the Sabra just reached it's fiftieth year, and some owners already reached retirement).

Traditionally the meeting (Saturday-Sunday) is a combination of trips and visits in the close neighbourhood; Saturday evening there's a "special" (feast-) meal.
Everyone is welcome to attend only to part of the meeting, arrival Saturday or Sunday morning, or arrival at noon and enjoy one of the visits or drives.

Attention: if you drop into the hotel on Saturday evening without notification in advance: could be the hotel is full, could be the tables are full, could be the cook won't manage to prepare for you what he ordered for us-subscribers. Indeed we, and the hotel and the cook will do their best to welcome you but it might be somewhat difficult. Same goes for visits: most of the time tickets are paid in advance (not to loose time) and perhaps a special parking space is provided, sometimes the guides restrict to a maximum number of visitors.

Anyway, without subscription you'll be welcome but you should understand that the organisers could get into problems by unannounced guests.

If you want to subscribe for the whole weekend (2-5) count on 280 Euro per person for the three nights (with breakfast and dinner inclusive drinks at the table) + some extra for lunches and visits (not arranged for yet I presume). The hotel would like a provision of 100 Euro before February.

More detailed news to follow.

I'm not one of the organisers but I would like to help f.i. as go-between: Contact For information- subscription.


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