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September (3) - 4 - 5 - (6)


Sabres/Sabras in the Peak district September 2010.

Thanks for the organisation, Sylvia & Vin, it was impeccable, and fantastic. Also regards to all the people that made the effort of being there. No time for a detailed report and not enough space on the site for lots of pictures; both are connected: I am busy re-arranging the site to get more free space. We didn't drive home immediately: enjoyed the hospitality of some of our friends and visited Brooklands and Beaulieu. But we're back home more than a week now.

Quickly some pictures though:

The ladies:
Judy, Bev, Val, Mariette, Els
Jacky, Sylvia, Carine, Monique, Magda

The "Gents":
Lee, Mark, Jef, John, Ted, Peter, Tony, Malcolm
Jacques, Vin, Luc, André... where's Geoff?
Too nice not to stop for a picture,
De eersten
or two.
Meanwhile you could have a look on my NAS as Picasa is obsolete.
Next year I hope I'll be ready to accept everyone's pictures in a special album
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