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The fifth Sabra BBQ, this was going to be special.... 

Perhaps didn't make enough publicity, or on the wrong time or the wrong way?

Then my Sabra got crippled by a broken damper (Spax of less than a year old). 

Then André phoned he couldn't get there with the Sabra.

And Luc Meuwis, who had recently bought Mrs Leber's Sabra would certainly be there, would he see only one Sabra????

Hasty preparations, lucky the weather forecasts are fine and there's Gerard De Craecker bringing good news: his Sabra isn't for sale anymore.  He decided to keep it and the work is going fine.

A red Sabra drives in, it's Henk - unexpected, at least we have two Sabra's now.  One can't expect less on a meeting.
And Henk brought the defective electric cooling fan.  Nice, it could be original and it means we can start a query for a replacement better than the one that's now on my Sabra.  It's from a VW-Golf and it looks (and is) far too efficient for a Sabra.  I'd like to use the original fan again, looks so naive and I guess a less powerfull engine would do.

André en Carine arrive.  They have another person attending the september-rally in Oudenaarde (Luc en Monique), at last I can hand him the Quinton Hazel cap for the steering gear.

And Herman is there too: he never misses a Sabra-meeting.  His Sabra is missing though, but Herman brought pictures of several Sabra's he inspected.

And Jacques and Magda, the second Sabra, Michèlle en Arno, Michèlle brought a flyer that encourages NOT to buy Sabra-products. We're NOT putting that on the site.
Jacques brought the dampers of his "Blue", means I can attend to MOT without having to wait for a reply of Spax.

And then Leo arrives, the BBQ-master, he brought Marleen's Scimitar-Sabre.

With Leo around, there can't be no problem with the BBQ, and we have several tecnical questions to ask him.
My thirty years of being interested in cars and mecanics cannot cope at all with Leo's instruction and study.

And like all previous Sabra-BBQ's things run out of hands.  Suddenly people start to say goodbye, and you haven't asked them half of what you wanted to ask nor answered half of what they asked, nor did you take enough pictures... time always goes too fast.

Time to light the fire.  Some chatting and the sabra-BBQ has become past.

There never were lesser Sabra's, but still I'm satisfied, think people had a good time, Henk's unexpected arrival was pleasant (with the cooling engine) and we met two new enthousiastic owners so probably within some months there'll be two new Sabra's on the road.   Nice.

We'd like to have next-year's BBQ somewhere in the South of Belgium or at least more central. There's several Sabra's over there.  Wonder if it would work.  Gierle is quite North and rather far for someone coming from the South.  We probably could find a place far South but that would be far for André??

See what happens next year.

Not enough pictures:

One week later you could still see by the grass that Henk's Sabra drew most of the attention.

Five specialists

Four specialists, one amateur